Woodcarving & Graphic Design

Woodcarving & Antique Restoration

As a designer, I bring life to antique ornamental woodcarvings in need of restoration and also carve new custom designs as well. I earn a living by working with my hands and mind, creating a link with the past and transmitting values that are important to conserve in society. Whether working on a folk or baroque design, the process of my art is the same as it was centuries ago; utilizing carving tools, a wooden mallet, a pencil, a workbench, and various kinds of wood. Woodcarving Samples

Logo Design & Branding

When it comes to branding your company, Peter Joseph Design understands how your logo and other graphic support materials can make your company stand out from your competition. See Samples

Magazines, Brochures,Website Design

If it gets printed, or if it’s a digital graphic of some kind, and you need it created, tweaked, or reworked, I can help.  Whether you are need of a magazine design, brochure, website design, trade show booth – and all the ads, mailers, and unique photoshop requests in between. View Portfolio